lighting fixture made of broken glass. Designed by Ira Rozhavsky
Euporie - Moons of Jupiter, 2013

"Moons of Jupiter" lighting fixtures are made of broken tempered glass combined with a clear polymer, shaped into beautifully unique organic structures. Light refracts and dances on each fragment of broken glass, allowing the fixture's sensual form to radiate soft but mesmerizing light. When not lit, ambient light reflects off the surface, highlighting the intricate detail yielded from the reformation of countless pieces of glass into a new material.

To create these stunning lamps, Ira has developed a unique manufacturing process that allows her to turn what was once fragile and brittle into something malleable and versatile. Complex three dimensional shapes can be fashioned into exciting new objects and forms, a process that turns each lamp's creation into the work of an artist. A "Moons of Jupiter" creation is not just a lighting solution: these lamps spread soft, magic light, bringing character and distinction to interiors.

Handmade glass surface - each surface is unique

Customizable and may be adapted to fit spaces of various sizes

Mounting: Floor and wall
Surface material: Tempered glass, polymer compound

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Length: 87cm / 34.3"
Width: 74cm / 29.1"

Height: 20cm / 7.9"
Bulbs: 15W 2700K E14 x 8


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